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Enemy monster will lose the ability to Heal if hit by a monster having affliction ability. (Tank heal ability won't work either) There's a 50% chance of afflicting the enemy.


Affliction can be very useful when you believe that your opponent will be using heal. Low level mana pools that offer water will attract Sea Monster. Rule sets that are also favorable to Earth healing monsters should be a signal to use affliction. For example 17 mana is a frequent target for the Scared Llama and Kron the Undying Combo. Affliction can dramatically weaken this combo.


Cleanse can remove this De-buff. Higher Speed can also help by making the monster with affliction ability miss.

Possessed By

Monsters with Affliction Ability

  • Magma Troll
  • Captain's Ghost
  • Grim Reaper
  • Goblin Chef
  • Serpentine Mystic
  • Fire Elemental
  • Elven Mystic
  • Undead Archer
  • Sporcerer
  • Darkest Mage
  • Lord of Fire

Summoner that gives this De-buff to all enemy monsters -

  • Mimosa Nightshade

Watch Ability

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