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How to 'Combine' or 'Level' Cards Video


How do you Combine Cards?

  • In Splinterlands, cards are “leveled up” in only one way: by combining multiple cards into a higher level card.
  • Cards have a Base Card eXperience, or BCX, which represents how many cards have been combined into that one card. As an example, when two 1 BCX cards are combined, the result is a single 2 BCX card.
  • The number of cards needed for each level can be seen on the Stats of the card, under the Cards header. This values are cumulative, i.e. a Level 2 Kobold Miner requires 3 BCX, or 3 Level 1 cards. However, to reach Level 3 it requires 5 BCX, so that Level 2 card will only require 2 additional Level 1 cards to level up once again.
  • Combining cannot be undone, and as cards are leveled up, the total supply of that card is always reduced.

NOTE : Please make sure that you buy summoner cards because a level one summoner cannot fully utilize a leveled up monster.

Why Should you Combine Cards?

  • When you increase the Level of a card, its stats typically increase. This is the main reason most people would combine cards.
  • Combining cards decreases the over all supply of that card which in turn increases the value.

Why Wouldn't you Combine Cards?

  • Currently Splinterlands only lets you select the highest Level version of a card that you own. If you own a Level 2 Kobold Miner and a Level 1 Kobold Miner, you may only play the Level 2 card.
  • The main reason you might want a lower level version of some cards is for certain Rule Sets. This varies by League, but for Bronze you might want to keep Sand Wurm at Level 1 for Reverse Speed matches. However, as you progress leagues this is less of a viable strategy in most cases.

If I combine a card with a gold card does it loose its gold status??

  • You cannot combine gold foil cards with regular foil cards.
  • Gold foil cards and regular foil cards show on separate pages, so you won't have the option to combine them.
  • Don't worry about accidentally doing this - you can't :)

What happens when you combine 3 or more cards together? Are you just wasting those extra cards by burning them?

  • To reach next level, you need a certain number of cards to be combined. every card combined takes you closer to the next level. So, you are not wasting cards and are actually taking a step closer to the next level.
  • Depending on the "edition" of the card and the level you are wanting to reach, you will get a notification telling you how many cards it requires for the next level, and you will get a notification telling you how many extra you will have left over that will count towards the next level.
  • There is a green bar that gives a visual representation of how close your card is to the next level depending on the number of cards that have been combined.

So the green life bar on the card represents how far you are to reaching the next level?

  • Yes, the green life bar gives a visual representation of how many cards have been combined so far towards the next level.
  • By clicking on the card you are able to see more information on the current level of the card, how many cards have been combined, and also how many cards are needed for the next level.

Can you Combine Cards in Cool Down?

  • Yes, but this may potentially create a new card with the Cool Down from the combined cards.

Can you remove Cool Down when Combining Cards?

  • Yes.
  • If a card has been played within the last 7 days and it is transferred to another account, a 7-day cool-down period is added. This means the card won't be available in ranked battles for the next following days.
  • As long as the card is in cool-down, a little clock is displayed next to the card information. As long as the little clock is there, the card can't be used.
  • (Explain how in detail with serial numbers.)

Cooldown Clock.jpg

The serial number can actually help you to combine cards that are in cooldown to create a higher level card that is not in cooldown.