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Getting Started

There are many ways to help contribute to this wiki. The fastest way to get on board is to just start editing. There are admins that will review your work to ensure quality and consistency. You can also join our Discord Server to be a part of our community of editors. We are also offering in game currency, DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) as an incentive for people to contribute.

DEC Bonuses

Payout For Making Pages:

  • 1-5 pages : 100 DEC per page
  • 6-15 : 200 DEC per page
  • 16-30 : 400 DEC per page
  • 31-50 : 500 DEC per page
  • On reaching 50 pages, 5000 DEC bonus

Payout structure for making strategies:

  • 1-5 pages : 100 DEC per page
  • 6-15 : 150 per page
  • 16-30 : 200 per page
  • 31-50 : 250 per page
  • On reaching 50 pages, 3000 DEC bonus


Our pages are fairly complex and for the time being we are opting to use copy and paste from pages that have good design and structure to act as templates for new pages.

Please refer to the following pages to act as templates.

NAME Edition Rarity
Ant Miners Reward - NEW Common
Kobold Bruiser Untamed Common
Fire Elemental Untamed Rare
Ferexia General Untamed Epic
Magnor Untamed Legendary
Hydra Beta Legendary
Mighty Dricken Promo Legendary
Lord Arianthus Reward - OLD Legendary
Robo-Dragon Knight Reward - NEW Legendary
Gold Dragon Alpha + Beta Legendary

Name Edition Rarity
Malric Inferno beta rare
Yodin Zaku Untamed Legendary

How To Guides