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When the Venari dug their tunnels and burrows, creating the Realm of Silence, little did they know of the ancient creatures they disturbed hidden beneath the ground. Forgotten, from almost a millennia ago, these dragons were awakened and gripped by an everlasting hunger. Unfortunately for the Venari, they were the first poor souls to run into these feral beasts and were sent fleeing through their tunnels in horror at what they’d uncovered.”

The Desert Dragon is most commonly found east of the Jade Thickett, on the sandy plains of the Ixzoc. Its long neck is banded red and black, with savage horns that sprout from its head and vicious fangs more wicked than scimitars that line its jaws. Quite often assumed as a lumbering, flightless giant with wings that are tattered and torn, many make the mistake that it cannot move quickly and will sometimes stray too close. But any that have seen it hunt the plain grazers will know, not only can the beast move with considerable speed, the terrifying charge will often leave its target rooted to the spot with terror, unable to flee its impending doom. The Desert Dragon is so big that on rare occasions its attack has been mistaken for seismic activity and minor earthquakes.


Desert Dragon.jpg Mana Cost 7
Edition Legendary
Rarity Chaos Legion
Abilities TrampleTrample.png,Piercing Card ability piercing.png,

RetaliateCard ability retaliate.png,Giant KillerCard ability giant-killer.png

Regular Foil Burn Value 500 DEC per BCX
Gold Foil Burn Value 12500 DEC per BCX
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LVL RF BCX GF BCX Melee-attack.png Speed.png Defense.png Health.png ABILITIES
1 1 N/A 4 2 3 6 Trample.png
2 3 1 5 2 3 6 Trample.pngCard ability piercing.png
3 6 2 5 2 3 7 Trample.pngCard ability piercing.pngCard ability retaliate.png
4 11 4 6 2 3 7 Trample.pngCard ability piercing.pngCard ability retaliate.pngCard ability giant-killer.png


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