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Official Splinterlands Documentation

  • Perhaps the best place to start is with the official documentation. It gives a concise overview of all aspects of Splinterlands: https://docs.splinterlands.com/

Signing Up

  • Open the game (use a referral link to get a free card later) : Referral links of admins - blackheart1, unitqm, godfather.ftw
  • Create an account and choose a password.
  • Go through the tutorial to understand the basics or just skip it for later.
  • You can now check out the game for free.

Setting Up A Username

  • Since you haven't bought anything, you get a random name and a few cards to try the game. You will not start earning.
  • To be able to change the random name given to you, you need to buy the $10 spellbook. This unlocks the ability to buy, sell, trade & earn cards and rewards.

Buying a Spellbook

  • Click the "shop" tab and choose how you would like to buy the spellbook. Remember to use a referral link. Referral link will give you a free card!
  • Now you can choose any name you want.
  • You now have the option to get your keys which give you access to the game. They are very important and if you lose them you will lose your account. Keep them safe. Never share it with anyone.

Benefits of Using a Referral Link

  • The user who referred you receives 5% of the lifetime purchases you make by using credits.
  • Purchases made with DEC do not qualify for rewards.

Gameplay Basics