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  • Alchemy Potions: Improve the drop rate of gold foil cards.
  • Alpha: The first set of cards that were released in the game. More on Alpha Edition
  • AMA: Short for 'ask me anything'. The game developers hold a weekly AMA on Fridays over Discord.


  • BCX: Base Card eXperience. It indicates the number of individual cards that have been combined together to make up this card.
  • Beta:
  • Brawl: Brawls are frenzied, wild, in-your-face Guild vs. Guild arena combat! Kind of similar to Anytime tournaments but with several guilds all facing off against each other. And more emphasis on teamwork with your guildmates rather than rewarding individual performance.
  • Brawl Cycle: Brawls follow a repeating 3 day cycle, similar in some ways to ranked play seasons. Each 3 day cycle is split into 3 phases, and each phase is 24 hours long:
    • Phase 1 - Prep Stage: in this phase, guild members decide which Frays they would like to join before the combat starts. A Fray is analogous to Anytime tournament groups, except each Fray has different level limits, card editions, and allowed foils. So you can pick Frays that are best suited to your play style and individual strengths.
    • Phase 2 - Combat Stage: This stage is similar to a traditional Anytime tournament. You'll have 24 hours to select teams for all your battles, and you will fight the players in other guilds who also joined the same Fray.
    • Phase 3 - Results Stage: Once the combat is over, you can see the results of the Brawl - how guilds performed relative to one another, and how many Crowns each guild won. In this stage you can decide if you want to spend any of your guild's winnings on building upgrades, or adjust settings for the next Brawl cycle.
  • Burn Rate: Burn Rate or Burn Value is the amount of DEC you will get if you "burn" or "delete" or "remove" the card from existence. More on Burn Rate.


  • Circulating Supply:
  • Collection Power: The sum of the burn rate of all the cards that are PLAYABLE in your account. More on Collection Power.
  • Cooldown:
  • CP: Short for Collection Power
  • Credits:
  • Crowns:


  • Dark Energy Crystals: See DEC\
  • DAI Pool:
  • DEC: Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) are the official in-game currency of Splinterlands.
  • DICE:
  • Delegation:


  • ECR: The Energy Capture Rate (ECR) limits how much DEC each player earns from each Ranked match win. Every Ranked battle played reduces your ECR and it regenerates over time. At 50% ECR you will earn half of the DEC for a win as you would if your ECR were at 100%.
  • ETH Pool:


  • Frays:


  • Gold Foil
  • GFL: Short for Gold Foil Legendary
  • Guilds:
  • Guild Hall:


  • HIVE:


  • Items:




  • Land:
  • Legendary Potions: Improve the drop rate of legendary cards.


  • Market Cap:
  • Maverick: Maverick status is a special Discord title awarded to players who have purchased 500 packs or more from the in-game store. Being a Maverick allows players to hang out in the exclusive #mavericks-house channel in Discord, and grants you early access to beta test new features.
  • Monsters: Any person or creature that is called forth by a Summoner to do battle. Monsters do the actual fighting.
  • MonsterMarket:
  • Mystery Potions: Chance of receiving a daily mystery reward.



  • Orbs:


  • PeakD:
  • PeakMonsters:
  • Plot:
  • Potions: Potions can be purchased to give you advantages. More on Potions.
    • Alchemy Potions: Improve the drop rate of gold foil cards.
    • Legendary Potions: Improve the drop rate of legendary cards.
    • Mystery Potions: Chance of receiving a daily mystery reward.
    • Quest Potions: Gain extra Loot Chests for completing quests.
  • Promo:


  • Quest Potions: Gain extra Loot Chests for completing quests.


  • Region:
  • Reward:
  • RNG: Random Number Generator (RNG) is a term used to denote randomness. Splinterlands utilizes a pseudo-random number generation algorithm that can be seeded based on unpredictable data from the blockchain. (example: I don't like the RNG of the attacking. Sometimes a 1 speed will miss a 3 speed while other times it will hit.)


  • Sit N Go:
  • Skins:
  • Spells:
  • Sparkstone:
  • Splinter: There are six sources of magic in the Splinterlands: Fire, Water, Earth, Life, Death and Dragon. Each of these primal forces is championed by distinct factions known as Splinters.
  • Splinterstorm:
  • Steemmonsters:
  • Summoner: A magic user who harnesses one of six primal forces. They use this power to summon monsters.


  • Totems: Each Totem will be a tradeable NFT item just like the existing Monster and Summoner game cards and the upcoming Land Plot cards, and they can be placed in buildings to provide specific benefits. Each totem will provide one very specific type of benefit, for example it may speed up Death Splinter Item card minting time, increase the rate of Sparkstone harvesting, or reduce the maintenance cost of a Farm building.
  • Tournaments:
  • Tract:


  • Uniswap Pool:
  • Uniswap Rewards:
  • Untamed: