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Lira was turned into a vampire as a young woman when she attended a party of the rich and powerful, only to later realize that the majority of the guests were vampires. However, Lira did not see her new self as a monster. Rather, she saw her vampirism as an opportunity. Lira was born into a high-standing family that struggled with maintaining their wealth, so she embraced the transformation and set to work building her power and influence.

After her parents passed away, Lira took over their ancient manor nestled deep within the mountains. It is a manor always wreathed in shadow, and it is there that Lira conducts her rituals. A pact with shadow itself gave Lira immense spellcasting prowess. It enabled her to traverse the Splinterlands by moving from shadow to shadow. It also enabled her to use shadows as weapons against her enemies, allowing her to attack from afar.

Over the years Lira has led a cult of vampires. With her guidance, they have infiltrated the sects of the rich and powerful. Lira can make anyone do as she wishes through exploitation and threats, but if those don't work, she is more than happy to feast on her prey.

Across the Splinterlands, the name Lira the Dark is said with fear and awe. Other vampires envy the power she has achieved. She has had to defend her manor many times against those seeking to unseat her. The corpses of those who have tried now hang from her walls as a warning to others.


Lira the Dark.jpg Mana Cost 7
Edition Legendary
Rarity Chaos Legion
Abilities Oppurtunity Opportunity.png, Snare Ability snare.png , Swiftness Card ability swiftness.png
Regular Foil Burn Value 500 DEC per BCX
Gold Foil Burn Value 12500 DEC per BCX
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LVL RF BCX GF BCX Ranged-attack.png Speed.png Defense.png Health.png ABILITIES
1 1 N/A 2 6 0 6 Opportunity.pngAbility snare.png
2 3 1 3 6 0 6 Opportunity.pngAbility snare.png
3 6 2 3 6 0 6 Opportunity.pngAbility snare.pngCard ability swiftness.png
4 11 4 4 6 0 6 Opportunity.pngAbility snare.pngCard ability swiftness.png


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