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Transfer Assets to WAX

The following assets will be able to be transferred to and from WAX, with additional assets planned to be added in the future:

  • Cards
  • Pack Tokens
  • Land Claim Tokens

To transfer any of the above items to the WAX platform you can use the normal method of transferring them through the Splinterlands game website and there will be a new option to transfer to WAX once the bridge is live. Additionally, bots or other automated scripts may transfer any of the above assets to the sl-wax account in the game to send them to the WAX platform once the bridge is live.

How To Send Assets From WAX to Splinterlands?

  • Assets can be transferred from WAX into Splinterlands using any WAX wallet by sending them to the splintrlands account on WAX and including the recipient's Splinterlands/Hive blockchain account name in the memo.
  • Please note that the Splinterlands account on the WAX blockchain is splintrlands (without the "e") since custom WAX accounts must be 12 letters long."
  • Also note the mint # does not persist when removed from WAX as well.

For More Information Check Out The Official Post : https://peakd.com/splinterlands/@splinterlands/splinterlands-wax-integration-announcement